NWELCOME. October 2021: We share horse case studies on fantastic Fascia results. “It’s addicting,” says Jane, Santa Fe, who’s fixing her dressage/trail horse partner.

How does Fascia work change the horse? It’s Quantum Healing due to the nature of fascia’s self directed, self-intelligent structure and nature. When you melt poll adhesions, the energy of healing change flows to the pelvis. Don’t be fooled by Big Pharma’s denial of Fascia….it’s the master tissue of the body for horses and humans.

First up, look at this auction purchase colt. Papers say 3 months old, but we think younger. He missed out on months of colostrum. Supplement feeds gave him side-effects.  He’s getting plenty of Conformation Balancing bodywork for the hidden problems. Already, he has stuck shoulders and elbows, a tight compressed tail, unbalanced head, sprung stance, and more.

The colt has a great disposition and takes his bodywork very well.  Without it, his development would be stunted and he would be a marginal horse instead of a happy productive one. We’ll showcase his progress here. TOP PHOTO, horse on arrival 10/30/2020.

PHOTO 2, JUNE 2021 update on him. 

PHOTO 3, OCT 2021


For those riders who buy feedlot, shelter or auction horses, Conformation Balancing is a golden key to restoring the horse.

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