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Book &  DVD content:

– Spiral bound  book with over 170 color photos and illustrations of  different horses and dozens of contact methods. 

– Easy to use, quick reference pages for finding your own horse’s stuck areas by using  Stance, Top Line, Head & Tail structure.

– Horse stories  you will relate to.

– A chapter on riding to help your horse develop in his recovery.

– A chapter on animal communication and horse telepathy.

– The DVD shows  work with two horses and varied responses.

-DVD demonstrates in-mouth cranial releases.

– DVD includes text blocks with key info for study.


CONSULTING: Contact us for Phone, email or Zoom call consults for your horse. This includes phone discussion, detailed email report or mail if preferred, and a follow-up call. You will learn what fascia releases to do, how often and how to exercise your horse into fitness. $250 fee.

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