Help horses with Fascia tech: 

Choose a path to learn Fascia for horses. Scroll down for schedule.

Weekend Clinics:  Get Started, any experience level.

Tutorials:  For experienced horse people to learn intensively. Custom plan. 

Levels 1-4:  The path for certification.

Certify: A completion of the 4 Level  program, with certificate.

Online Courses: Starting in 2019. For anyone, living anywhere. 


1-2 day Intro Clinic.  No experience needed. Books/DVD available. 9 AM -4 PM.    

Training Levels:

Level 1: 2 Days. Basics, scan,  fascia structure, horse responses

Level 2: 2 Days. Fascia limits, movement & stance dynamics 

Level 3: 2 Days. Advanced Limit Patterns

Level 4: 2 Days. Series work on horses with written session reports & photos

Certification: A final report is accepted and certification issued. 

Is Your Horse 100%? – required   text  for all Levels. 

 Level 4 requires a written report. A Certificate of Completion issued. Marketing platform included.


2019  Mentor Tutorial Intensives: 

LEVEL 1, 2, 3, 4. $1150/Level; 2 Level Combo packages. Contact us for open dates.

Soft Riders, Soft Horses:

This Workshop with Dorothy Crosby  combines Centered Riding instruction with  Fascia bodywork for horses. Saturday focuses on Centered Riding, with private rides & Conformation Balancing sessions available.  Perfect for a rider wanting to improve both their riding and their horse’s fitness. 


  • Centered Riding/Conformation Balancing Combo Clinic:  Dorothy & Margret partner for rider skills & horse care.  Dorothy Crosby, (at left in photo) Centered Riding Level III Instructor/Clinician at Southmowing Farms, Vermont.  Dorothy Crosby, 603-446-3685,  
  • Aug 24/25 at Northern New Mexico Horseman’s Assoc arena, Santa Fe. Pre-registration for riders required. $130/day/Rider, $30/Audit.

“I attended Margret Henkel’s SOFT RIDERS/SOFT HORSES clinic near Brattleboro VT. I had already read her book, Is Your Horse 100%? and watched her companion DVD. But there is nothing like in-person, hands-on experience.  Margret demonstrated a technique – we then performed it on our horse.  We were able to practice all the basics on multiple horses thus having a range of experiences. Centered Riding with instructor Dorothy Crosby demonstrated how to be “Soft Riders”. The instruction was very good with exercises and images given to help us all find our centers. A good time for all.”  Elizabeth V, NY




Clinic/Workshop/Level Training Schedule

  • Weekend Workshops:  Contact us for info/details.
  • Rancho Mariposa, Lamy, NM, Sat May 25 , 9-4 PM. 
  • Rancho Mariposa, Lamy, NM: ongoing through summer and fall.
  • CO locations:  inquire if you’re in this area. 
  • VT, MA, CT locations: inquire in your’e in this area.
  • Ongoing Level Training: Rancho Mariposa, Lamy NM.  Reserve space in advance. Small classes, individual attention. You work with many kinds of horses. 9 AM- 5 PM Sat & Sun. $950. Certificate for each Level.
    • Online Courses
    • FREE Newsletter; subscribe & learn more about fascia.
    • Memberships for Continuing Education: Ongoing information about resolving specific limits in horses. Real stories about horse recovery of all kinds, including toxins and other issues. $80/year, $20/issue.

“This is a whole new world for me…I had no idea fascia controlled so much of the body. Now all those stiffnesses he has make sense and I know I can help him out. This is such a relief. We’ve been missing the whole point of how to be healthy. What a gift to have, thank you.” Mary K, TX

“Willow got a entire make-over in one hour. I want that for myself!” Stephanie F, NM

 “This workshop was a game changer.” Jenn D, ME

“It was a wonderful workshop, I learned so much.” Carole B, VT


“The Fascia changes ARE the shortcut.”  Self-Intelligent, self-directed changes in fascia (also called myofascia or connective tissue) resolve problems that drugs, surgery, lazer lights, chiropractic movement and acupuncture can’t change. This is because fascia is independent of those modalities and only changes with a matching temperature, which is the human hand. Fascia actually holds the meridians, bones and other body parts in place. When fascia changes, healing is complete.