• Relieve anxiety & trauma
  • Align heads, jaws
  • Horse stands  “in the box”
  • Poll flexes easily
  • Top line improves
  • Neck “nicks” disappear
  • Elbows open, strides lengthen
  • Decrease in inflamation
  • increase in circulation
  • Eliminate pain
  • Tails plume and aid in hind collection
  • Progressive fitness 
  • Rider “knows” their horse from the inside out

Equine Affaire, 2017

While conventional massage offers comfort to problems caused by body strain, Hellerwork treats the cause.

Hellerwork technique gets to the root of the problem by working on the connective tissue wrappings around the muscles called fascia, which become rigid when they become stuck in these unnatural, compensating positions.

Invented in America in 1978 by Joseph Heller, a Polish-born aerospace engineer, Hellerwork realigns and rebalances the body.Hellerwork is based on the relationship between man and gravity.  Heller’s book “Bodywise,” an introduction to Hellwerwork, written with Willian A. Henkin, is published by Wingbow Press. Highly recommended!

Trafalgar Square Books connects authors

Frederic Pignon, Margret and Magali Delgado connected at “The Mind, Body and Spirit of Horsemanship” training . This workshop’s special quality is it’s emphasis on  partnership with the horse.