The fascia "internet" - free of stuck stiffness - restores the horse's self-carriage, conformation and mental confidence.


  • Relief from anxiety & fear
  •  Improved topline  

  • Balanced stance
  • Pain relief, relaxed attitude
  • Longer strides
  • Imbalances disappear
  • Flexion improves dramatically
  • Hind and tail freedom
  • Heads  & jaws balance
  • Horse developes poise
  • Athletic resilience
  • Better overall health & fitness
  • Fewer injuries
  • Progressive improvements
  • Self-intelligent progress
  • A true partnership develops for horse & rider
Using Henkels’s tried and tested technique to resolve painful limitations in the equine body with conformation balancing and fascia fitness, your horse will be happier and more relaxed. Is Your Horse 100% is a fascinating, educational read and the design of the book makes it easy for horse lovers to follow along with Henkels’s instruction for working with your animal. Complete with color photos and detailed drawings, Is Your Horse 100% is a necessity for horse owners and trainers alike. Cowgirl Magazine

July/August 2017

Trafalgar Square Books connects authors

Frederic Pignon, Margret Henkels and Magali Delgado connected at “The Mind, Body and Spirit of Horsemanship.” This workshop’s special quality is the emphasis on working with the horse’s agreement. “We do what the horse wants.” Margret was inspired by Magali and Frederick’s demonstrations at their Albuquerque Tamayo Workshop. 

As a rider learns to do fascia bodywork regularly, riding goals change to match the new information and understanding about the horse’s abilities. A personal path with our horse is part of the excitement and fun.


An avid rider with a BA in Journalism,  my visual skills were honed as an artist, while I worked in newspapers & magazines. A riding injury created a keen desire for fitness and  solutions for my chronic stuckness and pain. I certified in Matrix Energetics, a Quantum Energy work founded by Dr. Richard Bartlett and embraced the  “100%” concept.  Through  a  horse show, I met Heller Worker Steve Johnson. His fascia sessions so profoundly restored  my fitness that I  certified in Equine Natural Movement with Joseph Freeman.  Doris Kay Halstead’s Release the Potential book was another step. Many client horses are quite limited. Instead of guessing, we use conformation  to find stuck areas and resolve movement pain  and mental imbalances.