Conformation Balancing Results

  • Relief from anxiety & fear
  •  Improved topline  
  • Balanced stance
  • Heads  &  jaws balance
  • Mental balance, poise
  • Manes, tails & coats improve
  • A true partnership  for horse & rider. 
  • Detoxes the horse’s organs, body
  • Organ functión improves
  • Immune system boosted
  • Digestion improves
  • Suppleness greatly advances
  • Cribbing, weaving and head shaking resolve
  • TMJ resolves


  Use the amazing power of  fascia to help your horse be happier.


Horses heal in the first session. Conformation Balancing  melts stuck fascia (connective tissue) for  self-intelligent progress. Training does not solve stuck tissue. Avoid  force and failure by finding the horse’s  body limits. Anxiety is relieved, since fascia carries emotional memory. (Upledger) 

Wild horses move about 50 miles a day; repetitive work in small areas on flat ground  does not bring all-around fitness. Domestic riding horses need our help to make up for the loss of free movement that keeps them fit.  Many of us sit at desks, we know how that compromises our own fitness. 


The above horse was anxious, stiff and not even side to side. He gained mental confidence  and relief as his stiff fascia balanced. The after photo is happier!

These changes took 2 months.

The above horse’s  unbalanced head changed in 1 session. She was  fearful and anxious.  Notice her uneven nostrils in the photo on left. This problem is easily solved using balancing techniques  from the book and DVD. You can learn these practical methods for keeping your horse fit and relaxed.


An avid rider with a BA in Journalism,  my visual skills were honed as an artist, while I worked in newspapers & magazines. A riding injury in my 20’s  created a keen desire for  solutions for my chronic stuckness and pain. I knew nothing about fascia or connective tissue. I tried many therapies searching for health. I  certified in Matrix Energetics, a Quantum Energy work founded by Dr. Richard Bartlett and embraced the  “100%” concept, without knowing how to attain it. I knew there had to be a way to get better. 

Through  a  horse show, I met Heller Worker Steve Johnson. His fascia sessions with me  so profoundly restored  my fitness that I  certified in Equine Natural Movement with Joseph Freeman.  Doris Kay Halstead’s Release the Potential book was another step. This “hobby” turned into a vocation, although I was over 50. My injuries were  valuable– I understood each horse I worked with and how they felt as they changed.  

An amazing example of fascia: my feet were often cold. When I worked on my own right elbow, which was highly compressed from years of work, the opening fascia allowed my feet to become naturally warm. I also felt the change in my jaws and bite alignment. Fascia is self-intelligent…it automatically adjusts our bodies as needed. The  main point is to keep progressing ourselves and our horses. I work on my own body and know how the horse changes in unseen ways. 

I  ride trail and dressage.  Centered Riding (by Sally Swift)  combines well with fascia work. It focuses on the rider’s body, as well as the horse’s requirements. Like Sally, I find many answers to riding problems are in the body’s ability to move easily and rider consciousness. My own balance is a bigger part of my riding than micro-managingmy horse. In fact, the horse is usually right. Being a balanced rider is the major effort for me.

The bay mare, above right, almost didn’t survive her helicopter roundup. At age 4 she had  no mane growing due to neck fascia compression. She  taught me  the importance of elbows, jaws, pelvic releases and tails. Most of all, regular fascia work in small amounts brings an astonishing progress to the horse’s fitness. As a rider, I felt my horses re-invent themselves as athletes and riding partners. The big surprise was how much my own riding needed improvement! 

At right, Sami, a Hanoverian, inspects my body map notes for correctness. He has centuries of artful  breeding in his history. I can’t fool him, or any horse, with useless work. When our work doesn’t interest the horse, he moves us onto another area of higher priority for him. 

We are always grateful  to the horse for his friendship and trust.


Fascia, Myofascia and Connective Tissue are the major organ of the body. The different layers hold and organize organs, fluids, muscles, bones and all components of the body. It is the body’s INTERNET. 

As you practice sensitive contact, your hands learn the amazing sensations of healing as the stuck areas re-organize with the melting of adhesions. The book and DVD show easy, practical ways to learn this fitness and pain-relieving method  for helping your horse and dog. It’s not hard. Fascia is self-intelligent and self directed. We simply follow the horse’s guide to what he needs. Success comes every time!

New studies show that fascia release allows the body to detox itself from glyphosate and other harmful chemicals in hay, water, grain and environment. This benefit is often overlooked, yet many horses today suffer from cancers, broken bones and other sudden losses of fitness and health.