Conformation Balancing opens tight, stuck Fascia. Fascia holds points, meridians, organs & all body parts. Trauma eases permanently. Get 100%  fitness for horses.  Horses  feeling better, move better. Horses moving well are a good ride. 

Fascia is the key for bio-mechanics….muscles can’t slide if fascia is stuck. Horse fitness rules the ride. Saddles fit better on a balanced back. Bridles fit well if the poll is not full of adhesions causing panic. Head shy horse? Poll stiffness is often the case. 

Conformation Balancing solves problems long-term.

"Using Henkels's tried and tested techniques to resolve painful limitations in the equine body with Conformation Balancing and Fascia Fitness, your horse will be happier and more relaxed. Is Your Horse 100%? is a fascinating, educational read and the design of the book makes it easy for horse lovers to follow along with Henkels' instruction for working with your animal. Complete with color photos and detailed drawings, Is Your Horse 100% ? is a necessity for horse owners and trainers alike.

Cowgirl Magazine, July/August 2017

“Is Your Horse 100%”

Book & DVD on Myofascial Release/Structural Integration for horses

This is a book that goes beyond the anatomical importance of the connective tissue system in horses…it addresses the holistic need of the horse to be understood and respected. It gives insight into the way fascial tension affects the behavior and performance of horses and how relief for the fascial system provides horses with much more than alleviation of pain. This book should be in the library of all horse owners.

Madalyn Ward, DVM

Margret Henkels’ Is Your Horse 100%? instantly stood out to me as a valuable resource to those of us who engage equines in therapeutic or educational work. Program horses are often in the second half of their lives and/or retired from more demanding performance careers, which often have had some long-term effects on their soundness and general physical well-being. In addition, these wonderful equines now rise to the challenges of therapeutic work, which may include carrying riders who are unbalanced, or who demonstrate high levels of anxiety or even unusual human behaviors at times. All of these factors can cause program horses to be uncomfortable on the job or to burnout, and as a program director, I am always eager to find accessible resources that can enhance the well-being of our essential equine partners.
Henkels’ conformation balancing and fascia fitness methods offer an affordable, do-no-harm, flexible body work option that the layperson can learn to do safely, hopefully maintaining or enhancing our program horses’ physical and mental well-being. In addition, Henkels’ approach is inherently hopeful – she reminds us “the body is not static” but always changing, for better or worse. With her methods, we can support our horses changes in the direction of fitness and competency. Henkels reminds us that as “horse people,” we are all always communicating with our horses, and she provides simple but brave advice for deepening our intimacy with our equine partners through evolved, deliberate nonverbal communication. All around, the words and images in Henkel’s beautiful book engaged my sense of our ever-evolving and deepening connection with the equine species. I especially appreciated her practical ideas for giving back to the program equines I know, who give so much to humankind.

—Karen Brittle, Assistant Professor of Equine Studies, Centenary University, and Director of Therapeutic Riding At Centenary (TRAC); PATH Intl. Certified Advanced Therapeutic Riding Instructor and Equine Specialist in Mental Health and Learning (ESMHL)

Your treasure map to fascia health:

Spiral bound  book, 170 color photos; dozens of contact methods. 

– Easy vsual method to find stuck areas. Success stories. 

– Riding to integrate horse fitness & develop new skills.

– DVD shows  in-mouth cranial releases for visual learning  

  Sets available from  using the link above or the tab.



LOOKING AT THE HORSE: How to use digital photos when purchasing a horse

“My farrier could not believe the difference in Weismann and Aurora. W had the same hoof on the left as on the right… he just couldn’t imagine that W (well, and A ) could look so different from seven weeks ago. He is now a huge believer in this work…. Have been riding him twice a week now and that is going well… Such a rock star. ” Lauri

Injuries transformed with Conformation Balancing.


Hands on Healing by Rebecca Didier

Horse Network (

What if I told you that with patient, conscientious placement of your hands on specific areas of the horse’s body, you can bring about profound change in his physical and mental well-being? Want to know the secret? The internet-like web of fascia beneath the skin. Continue reading…


“I’ve just finished reading your book and first I want to thank you for writing it. I loved it!!! I’ve had Reiki healing for many years, reading your book added so much to me. It was finding the missing piece. I feel more complete, strong and self assured in my bodywork. Also my horses who are used to my hands on have had many and long still points and strong releases. It will be an adventure to follow them in future changes.”  Kia, Sweden


The  Conformation Balancing Story 

 An avid rider with a BA in Journalism, my visual skills were honed as an artist while I worked in print media. Enthralled by horses as a child, I bought my first horse at 20. A riding injury in my 20’s (racing in the mud!)  created a keen interest in  solutions for my chronic stuckness and pain. My career was in newpapers & print media, and horses were my fun. Since I’d always been fit, I knew nothing about fascia or connective tissue. I tried many therapies searching for relief from pain & stuck areas. Adhesions turned my body into a group of wood-like hard areas that created constant tension & pain. I prayed for relief to this elusive fitness problem I couldn’t identify.   

Through a horse show, I met Heller worker Steve Evans. His fascia sessions with me so profoundly restored my lost fitness that when he suggested I certify in Equine Natural Movement with Joseph Freeman–this was Heller fascia work for horses— I decided to try it This hobby turned into a vocation. Since horses need solutions promptly, I developed a visual method to find the problems quickly. We saw the horses change and followed his body for progress. We do not diagnose, we follow the fascia itself. The horse leads the way with his response. Since the horse is a master compensator, it’s easy to get lost in the maze of compensations. Digital photos show the truth of the horse’s body. When we put our hands on the horse to help him, it changes us also. Old racetrack wisdom: It is not what the people do to the horses that’s interesting; it’s what the horses do to the people. Both horse and rider are empowered by fascia bodywork. That’s a sacred path to health. 

Is Your Horse 100%?  published in April, 2017 by Trafalgar Square Books and its talented  editor/publisher: Caroline Robbins and Martha Cook,  and designer Rebecca Didier. The book is written and designed for easy use and success with helping horses. Above photo shows my  conformation mentor Jeff Edwards of the Wild Horse Research Farm in Porterville, CA. 




“The physical changes caused by fascia releases have altered his body all over in this short time- working from the inside with no external exercises He’s broader in the chest, stands square and in frame…. in six months. It would seem like magic if I hadn’t watched it happen.” Trish H