Conformation Balancing fascia release bodywork brings authentic health, vitality and freedom of body, mind, heart and spirit for horse and rider by releasing tight stuck fascia so the horse moves better. It also ends anxiety and trauma in the horse. It’s a key for bio-mechanics. Horse fitness rules your ride!

Fascia, also called myofascia or connective tissue, is the filmy white tissue holding points, meridians, organs & all body parts. Tight, stuck fascia hurts your horse and limits movement. Stuck Fascia  brings depression, and fear. With release, trauma eases permanently. Get 100%  fitness for horses. Tight fascia also impacts the body organs. This means lower immunity, poor digestion, dull coats and an affected PH balance. Get started on lasting health gains for your horse by using the book & DVD. Consults also available; your horse can fulfill his potential.  Horses  feeling better move well –  a good ride!


“Is Your Horse 100%?”

This is a book that goes beyond the anatomical importance of the connective tissue system in horses…it addresses the holistic need of the horse to be understood and respected. It gives insight into the way fascial tension affects the behavior and performance of horses and how relief for the fascial system provides horses with much more than alleviation of pain. This book should be in the library of all horse owners. Madalyn Ward, DVM

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Head shy behaviors, uneven eyes, stuck tails, cold gelding scars, flat crests, cannot stand square, sore backs, tight shoulders, lead problems, tight polls and jaws, uneven heads, pelvic floor issues, anxiety, uneven hoof growth, poor top lines, sore pectorals, and much more.

Many fitness & fear issues result from old hidden injuries & strains we do not know about. So, the Fascia path unwinds old stuff, recent stuff and current strains. One small limit often hides old deeper issues. However, the truly fit, soft riding horse emerges in this process. Voila, the horse you thought was average becomes a true pleasure of ability.



100% HEALING: The missing link is Fascia:  


The above photos are  from “Architecture of Human Living Fascia” by Jean-Claude Guimberteau, MD. The fascia images were  captured using a digital endoscope to record what was happening to his surgical patients’ tissue as he worked through and around it. Fascia’s vital importance to body health is hidden from the public.

“The videotaped sequences leave no doubt. Any gesture of manual therapy has an impact at the cellular level.” Dr. Guimberteau told Karrie Osborn while working on an article for Sept/Oct 2016 issue of Massage and Bodywork. 

Myofascial Release (Fascia is also called myofascia or connective tissue) is a Structural Integration therapy, resolving problems that drugs, surgery, lazer lights and acupuncture can’t change. Fascia holds emotional trauma charge. Fascia is the filmy white tissue that surrounds & organizes the body parts, including the blood vessels and lymphatic system. It connects everything. Look beyond Pharma’s denial of Fascia to see for yourself how important it is to health and fitness.

rWhy do we not know more about this crucial organ that organizes and maintains our bodies? The  Flexner Report in 1910, funded by the Rockefeller Foundation,  blocked diverse therapies. This document produced by an AMA committee blocked homeopathy, alternative and herbal treatments. Ida Rolf in Germany pioneered the re-discovery of Fascia with her revolutionary Rolfing. She broke through the modern legal barriers to bring Fascia back into public health practice. Heller Work, founded by Joseph Heller, an evolution of rolfing, went further and developed work for animals. 


“…The work I’ve been doing from your book for just for a few weeks has produced more results than back injections & professional training has accomplished in several years, so thank you so much for sharing your experiences with the rest of us!
I’m almost 74 but the bonding, his new relaxed demeanor and movement make me want to ride him again! I’ve ordered your DVD to make sure I haven’t missed anything!
Thank you again & again…Donna, TX


My own quest for fitness and pain solutions brought me to fascia work. I’d taken the tour of regular chiropractic, acupuncture, massage, reflexology, Reiki, oils, herbs and whatever else I encountered. My neck still hurt and the compensations were everywhere. I prayed for help. Through a horse show, I met Heller worker Steve Evans. His myofascial release/structural integration  sessions profoundly began  restoration of my lost fitness. I drove 1.5 hour trip weekly for 18 weeks. An old skiing injury and one horse accident had completely twisted my body. The sessions increased my energy incredibly. On his table. I talked about my horse. He suggested I learn Equine Natural Movement with Joseph Freeman–this is Heller fascia work for horses—  This hobby turned into a vocation. Since horses need solutions promptly, I developed a visual method to find the problems quickly. We saw the horses change and followed the body for progress. Not diagnostics, we follow the fascia itself. The horse leads the way with his response. We work on the horse’s terms.

Since the horse is a master compensator, it’s easy to get lost in the maze of compensations. Many modern diagnostics will cite a specific cause or “dis-ease” in the body. Fascia bodywork addresses the chronic, long-term movement limits and follows the fascia path to stiff adhesions, stuck sheets and tight wires that severely limit easy flow of body parts. A rear hind leg lameness can result from the strain of tight shoulders, tight sacrum and compensated pelvic tissue. Treating the leg with isolated therapeutic approaches will not solve the lameness. The entire body must be balanced again. For the horse owner/rider who wants a fit horse, this method of fitness prevents many problems from happening. You learn to watch for small signs of tightness and irritation in your horse. Crabbly, irritated and defensive behavior is a clue to pain in the horse.

Digital photos show the truth of the horse’s body. “Is Your Horse 100%?”  published in April, 2017 by Trafalgar Books. Talented  editor/publisher: Caroline Robbins and Martha Cook,  and designer Rebecca Didier were the team putting it together.  The book is written and designed for easy use and successfully de-mystifies an amazingly complex tissue for consistent, steady results in your horse’s fitness.

The lasting results are proven, however many riders want quick fixes for horse limits. Fascia release work brings results, yet many riders prefer devices. This path is for the sensitive rider choosing a high quality ride and the blooming of their horse’s athletic gifts for long term results.

“Had a really good ride this morning. He’s not the same horse as he was before you started working on him at all! Can finally get some collection in canter. He’s not flying around all strung out. His left lead is tons better. I think there’s more to be done, wow, what a difference!” Cindy W