Conformation Balancing opens tight, stuck Fascia, also called myofascia or connective tissue. It is the filmy white tissue organizing all the body. Fascia holds points, meridians, organs & all body parts. Trauma eases permanently. Get 100%  fitness for horses.  Horses  feeling better, move better. Horses moving well are a good ride. 

Fascia is the key for bio-mechanics….muscles can’t slide if fascia is stuck. Horse fitness rules the ride. Conformation Balancing, which is Structural Integration therapy,  solves fitness problems, and all the anxiety of old traumas and accidents.

“Is Your Horse 100%”

Book & DVD on Myofascial Release/Structural Integration for horses

This is a book that goes beyond the anatomical importance of the connective tissue system in horses…it addresses the holistic need of the horse to be understood and respected. It gives insight into the way fascial tension affects the behavior and performance of horses and how relief for the fascial system provides horses with much more than alleviation of pain. This book should be in the library of all horse owners.

Madalyn Ward, DVM

"Using Henkels's tried and tested techniques to resolve painful limitations in the equine body with Conformation Balancing and Fascia Fitness, your horse will be happier and more relaxed. Is Your Horse 100%? is a fascinating, educational read and the design of the book makes it easy for horse lovers to follow along with Henkels' instruction for working with your animal. Complete with color photos and detailed drawings, Is Your Horse 100% ? is a necessity for horse owners and trainers alike.

Cowgirl Magazine, July/August 2017

“My farrier could not believe the difference in Weismann and Aurora. W had the same hoof on the left as on the right… he just couldn’t imagine that W (well, and A ) could look so different from seven weeks ago. He is now a huge believer in this work…. Have been riding him twice a week now and that is going well… Such a rock star. ” Lauri O.

Consulting sessions with Margret save horse owners time, effort and money. Using your photos, Margret identifies the limits so you don’t have to spend months searching for them! You can get to work on the areas in her body map report and avoid wondering why the horse isn’t improving as much as you want. 

Hands on Healing by Rebecca Didier

Horse Network (

What if I told you that with patient, conscientious placement of your hands on specific areas of the horse’s body, you can bring about profound change in his physical and mental well-being? Want to know the secret? The internet-like web of fascia beneath the skin. Continue reading…



The  Conformation Balancing Story 

An avid rider with a BA in Journalism, my visual skills were honed as an artist while I worked in print media. Enthralled by horses as a child, I bought my first horse at 20. A riding injury in my 20’s (racing in the mud!)  created a keen interest in  solutions for my chronic stuckness and pain. My career was in newpapers & print media, and horses were my fun. Since I’d always been fit, I knew nothing about fascia or connective tissue. I tried many therapies searching for relief from pain & stuck areas. Adhesions turned my body into a group of wood-like hard areas that created constant tension & pain. I prayed for relief to this elusive fitness problem I couldn’t identify.   

Through a horse show, I met Heller worker Steve Evans. His STRUCTURAL INTEGRATION fascia sessions with me so profoundly began the  restoration of my lost fitness that when he suggested I certify in Equine Natural Movement with Joseph Freeman–this was Heller fascia work for horses— I decided to try it This hobby turned into a vocation. Since horses need solutions promptly, I developed a visual method to find the problems quickly. We saw the horses change and followed his body for progress. We do not diagnose, we follow the fascia itself. The horse leads the way with his response. Since the horse is a master compensator, it’s easy to get lost in the maze of compensations. Digital photos show the truth of the horse’s body. When we put our hands on the horse to help him, it changes us also. Old racetrack wisdom: It is not what the people do to the horses that’s interesting; it’s what the horses do to the people. Both horse and rider are empowered by fascia bodywork. That’s a sacred path to health. 

“Is Your Horse 100%?”  published in April, 2017 by Trafalgar Square Books. Talented  editor/publisher: Caroline Robbins and Martha Cook,  and designer Rebecca Didier were the team putting it together.  The book is written and designed for easy use and success with helping horses.Since fascia is the master tissue in the body, fitness does not occur without fascia change. This book de-mystifies an amazingly complex tissue for consistent, steady improvement of your horse’s fitness.A true Health Plan is daily good decisions based on solid improvement. Like any fitness program, regular work pays off!





Margret, in center, with Frederic Pignon and Magali Delgado at their Albuquerque clinic on liberty work. Margret is a great fan of these very accomplished and artistic horse professionals who performed with Cavalo globally.


How do we find the cause of fitness problems in the horse?  It’s often easier to look at digital photos of the horse because the camera creates neutrality. Our eyes usually can’t see the horse objectively. When we use digital images, the photo neutrality shows us clearly what’s not balanced. Hollows, lumps, off stance and other imbalances show easily in digital photos of horses. There are many ways to disguise unsoundness in horses. A video can hide a horse’s problems. When the horse is moving, he is using all his compensation abilities to look fit and competent. His life depends on this appearance of fitness.

Horses are hard-wired to hide problems so they can survive predators. The horse’s entire body is organized to hide any problems. Many compensations create new problems….just as it happens in humans. We humans live our lives with many physical issues, but we learn to adapt. Horses also adapt. Since true fitness is rare in humans, Horses are asked to do whatever we choose for them and so they compensate even more than humans. Humans decide how the horse lives. Riders shopping for a horse are often looking for a fantasy ride. Riders will obsess over a head shot or video without asking if the horse is truly fit. Experienced riders make this mistake also. Judgement is clouded by the emotional component of the image we look at. When you are horse shopping, do your research. The seller should provide still photos of the four sides of the horse: front, rear, left side and right side. These photos should show the entire body and hooves. You can zoom in and look carefully. Issues like a mild club foot can be seen with a zoom in.

Riders who want a long term riding partner will avoid emotional purchases driven by fancy videos and glamorous head portraits. Stick to asking for the four photo views and then look very carefully, while also asking specific questions about the horse’s history of training and use. The test ride in an arena or round pen often hides the issue no trail competency. Riders should make a list of their plans and care. Write it down. The list keeps us honest in our shopping. Then, be sure to look at the photos of each side. If the seller is using a video, request the still photos. The hidden problems will show in the photos.
Of course, many of us- myself included- buy horses for emotional reasons. We partner with a horse to advance our skills, learn about that particular horse and find our own frontiers. So, a impractical purchase has a larger goal that is invisible to others. When we buy something beyond our skill level, we must grow or lose functionality.

Mistakes with horses are expensive and disappointing. Horses are easy to buy and sometimes hard to sell. Looking at digitals of the horse will save you from unknown or hidden problems. These simple tools show us how to see the horse accurately. It’s also fun to use these tools to observe horses you already own and help progress their limits and fitness. It’s all a journey in the wonderful world of horses!

I received your book and have begun reading it – while getting ready to leave for elk camp next week for 3 weeks! The book is TERRIFIC! I love the pictures, the illustrations, the way you describe things in layman’s terms, and how I can relate to what I saw you do first-hand. I am so excited for you, me and Aspen…. I am taking your book and will practice on Aspen at camp. I really like that the book is spiral notebook style so I can take it and use it in the field as it were. Amazing job lady! You will help so many people and horses.
Full report when I return and rest assured an extremely positive review.”
Hugs – Nancy and the “A” Team

“I’ve just finished reading your book and first I want to thank you for writing it. I loved it!!! I’ve had Reiki healing for many years, reading your book added so much to me. It was finding the missing piece. I feel more complete, strong and self assured in my bodywork. Also my horses who are used to my hands on have had many and long still points and strong releases. It will be an adventure to follow them in future changes.”  Kia, Sweden