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Conformation Balancing opens tight, stuck Fascia, which holds points, meridians, organs & all body parts. Trauma eases permanently. Get 100%  fitness &  ability for horses.  Horses  that feel better, move better. Horses moving well are a good ride! Learn this new freedom for best health!

“I’ve just finished reading your book and first I want to thank you for writing it. I loved it!!! I’ve had Reiki healing for many years, reading your book added so much to me. It was finding the missing piece. I feel more complete, strong and self assured in my bodywork. Also my horses who are used to my hands on have had many and long still points and strong releases. It will be an adventure to follow them in future changes.”  Kia, Sweden

“This is a book that goes beyond the anatomical importance of the connective tissue system in horses….it addresses the holistic need of the horse to be understood and respected. It gives the behavior and performance of horses and how relief for the facial system provides horses with much more than alleviation of pain. This book should be in the library of all horse owners.”
Madalyn Ward, DVM

“I purchased your book and am starting to use it on my gelding.   My gelding gave me such a look of amazement  after I did some releases on him. The book is so wonderful. This work is fascinating. I tried it on myself first and felt the power which gave me confidence to try it on my horse. Thanks for the great book and sharing your knowledge.”  Elizabeth G

Here’s your treasure map to fascia health:

– Spiral bound  book with over 170 color photos and art; dozens of contact methods. 

– Easy vsual method of finding your own horse’s stuck areas. Success cases of limited horses. 

– Riding to integrate horse recovery,  maintain fitness & develop new skills.

– DVD shows  in-mouth cranial releases for visual learning.

– DVD includes key fascia & conformation concepts for study.  

  Sets available from  using the link above.

Below photos show horses with structural fascia imbalances: Off stance, neck nicks, ilium kicks, uneven nostrils,imbalanced croup, muscle compensation, kicked shoulder & compressed withers. These are common issues with many horses.

Remember, no matter how well you ride, the horse’s body rules the ride. 




The TOP BEFORE photo shows a horse that had an accident with a starting gate. There was a gash along his barrel and a deep dent in his shoulder point.

The AFTER PHOTO the injury picture shows a remarkable healing. The gash is gone. He is still a bit tender in the girth, but his shoulder is muscling. This change happened bwtween August & October in 2020, with the owner/rider working on him from the text, as well as Margret doing sessions.

A beautiful Thoroughbred is now regaining his 100%.

Below you see a gallery of injury/imbalance examples in horses. Some look very permanent. They are not. All these horses can improve with Conformation Balancing release sessions.


Hands on Healing by Rebecca Didier

Horse Network (

What if I told you that with patient, conscientious placement of your hands on specific areas of the horse’s body, you can bring about profound change in his physical and mental well-being? Want to know the secret? The internet-like web of fascia beneath the skin. Continue reading…



How Did I Develop This Work?

 An avid rider with a BA in Journalism, my visual skills were honed as an artist while I worked in print media. I was enthralled by horses as a child and bought my first horse at 20. A riding injury in my 20’s (racing in the mud!)  created a keen interest in  solutions for my chronic stuckness and pain. My career was in newpapers & print media, and horses were my fun. Since I’d always been fit, I knew nothing about fascia or connective tissue. I tried many therapies searching for relief from pain & stuck areas. Adhesions turned my body into a group of wood-like hard areas that created constant tension & stress. It was hard to have sustained energy and the compressed nerves brought pain. I prayed for relief to this elusive fitness problem I couldn’t identify.  

Through a horse show, I met Heller worker Steve Johnson. His fascia sessions with me so profoundly restored my lost fitness that when he suggested I certify in Equine Natural Movement with Joseph Freeman–this was Heller fascia work for horses, I decided to try it. This “hobby” turned into a vocation although I was over 50.  

My injuries were valuable–I understood the horses.  Since most horses have real problems, I developed a visual method to quickly find the core imbalance or injury.  This visual approach brought effective results promptly; we saw the horse change and followed the horse’s body. We didn’t get lost in guessing or diagnosing how the fascia worked, we followed the changes. The horse instructed us by his response. It never fails that the horse knows what’s next for him. My client horses usually had a single injury event with years of compensations. Since the horse is a master compensator, it’s very easy to get lost in the maze of those compensations. 

By using this visual method, you can find the real trouble and save yourself from losing a good horse or paying for vetting that won’t solve the true injury. 

Is Your Horse 100%?  published in April, 2017 by Trafalgar Square Books and its talented  editors Caroline Robbins, Martha Cook and designer Rebecca Didier. The book is written and designed for easy use and success with helping horses. Above photo shows my  mentor Jeff Edwards of the Wild Horse Research Farm in Porterville, CA. This was a  Barb filly from the famed Brislawn Ranch in Wyoming. 

Below, I’m riding my  Andalusian/Quarter mare, who came to me with many compensations from a T-post accident at age 3.