Do you love your horse, but he’s stiff, limited & fearful?   

Learn  fascia tech with Conformation Balancing, fascia for horses.

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“Is Your Horse 100%?” 



Your riding seat may be good, but if your horse is stiff & hurts, you won’t advance.

Most  horses have  stuck, tight  areas, these stiff areas are not “fixed” with training or suppling exercises. The muscles can’t slide. The horse has good days & not so good days. He’s jammed up. This hurts and makes him anxious. Flowing fascia opens stuck areas & hard adhesions. The horse feels better, not fearful.  Your 2 hands have the power.

Learn:  Workshops, Classes & Levels.  Coming – ONLINE COURSES. Memberships. 

           “IS YOUR HORSE 100%?”  BOOK & DVD by author/fascia instructor Margret Henkels.

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I’ve just finished reading your book and first I want to thank you for writing it. I loved it !!!!!!!!!

 I’ve had Reiki healing for many years, reading your book added so much to me, it was like finding the missing piece. I feel more complete, strong and self assured in my bodywork. Also my horses who are used to my hands on have had many and long still points and strong releases. It will be an adventure to follow them in the future changes.

Kia, in Sweden

Left, Margret Henkels signs books for Trafalgar Sqare Books at Equine Affaire, MA.

Margret Henkels presented Demos & seminars  at the Equine Affaire events.



Hands on Healing by Rebecca Didier

Horse Network (

What if I told you that with patient, conscientious placement of your hands on specific areas of the horse’s body, you can bring about profound change in his physical and mental well-being? Want to know the secret? The internet-like web of fascia beneath the skin. Continue reading…