Consults For Horses: Contact Margret for phone consults on your horse.  Using your digital photos, we discuss the limits. Consults include: Body Map, Fascia Coaching using the text/DVD. 2 phone discussions for $200.
Join the satisfied customers who solved their horse problems to keep a good horse


 If you have a horse with behavior problems, it often results from a physical issue. Feed, care and upkeep is expensive. Many problems are solved with 30 minute of checking main stress areas of the horse. Conformation Balancing has 4 major pillars: Stance, Top Line, Head and Tail. We show you how to keep your horse fit & happy.


“It would seem like magic if I hadn’t watched it happen.” The physical changes caused by fascia releases have altered his body all over in this short time- working from the inside with no external exercises He’s broader in the chest, stands square and in frame…. in six months. Trish, NM

An unbalanced head creates anxiety, panic and fear for the horse. This horse’s nostrils are uneven.

Unbalanced heads create panic, fear and lack of focus in horses. Wonder why your great Quarter horse, Arabian, TB or other breed never lives up to his potential? If he throws his head, bolts or pulls back when tied, there’s stuck fascia all through his head, neck, mouth and other areas. Training, tie-downs, special bits or custom tack won’t solve the fascia problems. The tissue simply piles up more adhesions elsewhere.