Consults For Horses:  

Using your digital photos showing each side of the horse plus the front and rear, we discuss your horse’s  fitness. Consults include: Body Map, Fascia Coaching using the text/DVD, phone or email consult for $100. One set of photos and Session Report for $100. Follow-up photo set & Session report also $100. If you have the book & are using it, a consult supports your work and gives even more info.  
Join the happy riders who solved their horse problems by using these simple releases to restore their horse’s mental peace and physical fitness. 

“It would seem like magic if I hadn’t watched it happen.” The physical changes caused by fascia releases have altered his body all over in this short time- working from the inside with no external exercises He’s broader in the chest, stands square and in frame…. in six months. Trish

“We are doing this remotely, I’m ecstatic. My farrier cannot believe the changes. His hoof angle has balanced. This process works.” Lauri O

An unbalanced head creates anxiety, panic and fear for the horse. This horse’s nostrils are uneven.

” She’s so much less nervous now. We halter up easily. I had no idea she could change this much so quickly. Thanks!” Patti S

Unbalanced heads create fear and lack of focus in horses. Wonder why your great Quarter horse, Arabian, TB or other breed never lives up to his potential? If he throws his head, bolts or pulls back when tied, there’s stuck fascia all through his head, neck, mouth and other areas. Training, tie-downs, special bits or custom tack won’t solve the fascia problems. The tissue simply piles up more adhesions elsewhere.

Do you have a horse that stands like this? The horse is unbalanced and cannot canter. Notice the hollow shoulder and lack of muscling all over. This is caused by pelvic strain from a slip while under saddle.

“I purchased your book and am starting to use it on my gelding.   My gelding gave me such a look of amazement  after I did some releases on him. The book is so wonderful. This work is fascinating. I tried it on myself first and felt the power which gave me confidence to try it on my horse. Thanks for the great book and sharing your knowledge.”  Elizabeth G