Conformation is Balanced. Restoring the horse’s natural movement patterns.

Fascia fitness is the functional re-balancing of the body which releases compensation patterns and restores the horse’s natural movement patterns. As Conformation Balancing proceeds, structural integration allows other affected parts of the horse’s body to also re-balance.

For example, as the elasticity returns to the hips, the shoulders must open further to allow the hips to remain fluid. Or, as the cranium of a horse is rebalanced through head and poll releases to heal a poll injury, the neck of the horse needs releases from the compression in the shoulders and withers.

Without fascia fitness, the healed area will regress because the other compensation areas are not addressed. Imagine, your right knee injured in a skiing accident… then, you notice your left hip hurts, and it progresses to the neck and shoulders.

Without care to all areas, you just won’t feel good and able to move freely. Unlike humans who have entertainments, horses live focused on their body and their athletic ability. It’s not a good day for a horse when they can’t move well and without pain. There’s no movie to watch for distraction! Their attitude toward work sours and they lose confidence in their athletic abilities, which creates continual anxiety.

Fascia fitness is a must for keeping the gains of fascia release and head and poll change. While Rolfing can be rough or painful, fascia release for horses must be soft and noninvasive. Horses must approval all releases and integrations.