Horses reach a “still point” becoming very focused and inward.

Achieving mental balance in horses incorporates Soma-Emotional Recall, developed by John Upledger. Connective tissue, is known to have memory. When the body experiences a traumatic event, the energy enters the body and often gets stuck, then walls itself off and becomes a block to the body’s natural energy flow. This is often called an energy “cyst.” Horses often hold traumas in energy cysts in fascia that has become restricted. (See Craniosacral Therapy, Upledger and Vredevoogd, 1983, pg 250.)

Conformation Balancing allows release of an energy cyst. The value of full release of held trauma for horses can’t be over-estimated.

A word of caution here, while it may seem that performing releases is easy or simple, working with horses is not predictable. This is specialized work. Horses may react very suddenly or violently to a memory.

The “still point” is when the horse becomes very focused and inward; the eye is soft, and there is a chewing motion or movement of the lower lip. This is where the most important changes take place! We do not interrupt the horse’s change.