Are you searching for better health and fitness for your horse, and yourself?

Discover the hidden universe of Fascia. Margret’s coaching advances those who want to develop a deeper practice with horses. We live in a body to be present on earth. Body holds the spirit, heart and will present.  You can open the door to an expanding present with the power of fascia bodywork.


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Meet Lauri Ott, Certified Practitioner
I’v been a life-long horse enthusiast, enjoying and competing in many horse-related competitions. Dorothy is certified in Conformation Balancing. Dorothy Crosby is certified both as a Level III Centered Riding® Instructor/Clinician and CHA Instructor for both English and Western riders. Dorothy manages a small farm in Stoddard, NH, where Equi-librium is based.  Most recently, she has added fascia release work on horses through Conformation Balancing. Her joy is in teaching humans and equines of all ages and levels of experience. 

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Mentor/Coaching Programs:

” There’s no better way to learn”

In May, I attended a workshop presented by Margret Henkels on Conformation Balancing for horses. …. I read her book, “Is Your Horse 100%?” and watched the video. I knew I had to learn more.  I flew to NM to study with her for a week. The course was amazing. Margret arranged for me to experience a wide variety of horses with a wide variety of conformation issues; the whole time I was working with her one on one. She was right there with answers to my questions and suggestions about staying safe. It was like a mini apprenticeship; there is no better way to learn

I started working with my horses using the methods I learned to promote fascia change and bring about Conformation Balancing. My horses are loving the time I spend with them and I am already seeing changes for the better. I will complete the levels for certification in the near future. To me it seems the perfect way to promote well being in our horse partners!!

Bette, NH



– anxiety in horses, fear leading to bolting, lack of poise results from poll & head imbalance

– uneven gaits, poor lead taking, inability to canter often due to imbalanced pelvis

– stiff tails, poor back development, lumbar tightness often from sacral tightness

– tight shoulders,  no cresting in neck often due to stuck shoulder creases

– uneven eyes, head shy, constant bit champing, uneven jaws cranial misalignment