As an energy processor, the body reflects the holographic balance of a person’s life. When the body and being are in balance we experience ease and grace; when they are dis-integrated we experience stress and pain. Dis-integration of the body is often a sign that some is simply unaware of themself  as a physical presence.- not that they are  unaware of their physical presence, but that they are at odds with their body. A body that is out of alignment may be seen as a hologram that is out of focus. It’s relationship with its energy source is blocked. But an imbalanced body is no disaster. From the point of view of structural integration, misalignment is a necessary step in a person gaining knowledge and insight that may permit the being to become balanced. Recognition can be the start of a journey toward the natural state of ease, balance and integration.” Joseph Heller, “Bodywise” Wingbow Press


“Looking to medicine, rehabilitation, exercise and ineffective gimmicks & gadgets for the solution has been ineffective for so many people.” Sue Hitzmann, “The Melt Method.”

“The fascia system is responsible for misalignment, imbalance, chronic pain and disfomfort.”

“Unlike muscle, Fascia doesn’t receive input from the brain or nervous system to adapt to our movement. Fascia works independently to organize, stabilize and protect the body for its movement. When there’s pain, the Fascia system has to be treated as a whole.”



Integrate The Fascia Of The Body & Find The Lightness of Easy Movement : Margret Henkels

Since Fascia is the organizing organ of the entire body, any area that is stiff, compensated by strain or hardened into adhesions will affect the entire body’s ability to move efficiently and without stress and strain. Strain and stress are major issues for the horse in his work and life. Horses are hightly intelligent, spiritual beings who rely on their fitness and mental poise to negotiate the way they live. They are usually willing partners for our plans. But, when they don’t move well, they know it. This leads to fear and stress in their daily lives, which in turn creates defensive and unpredictable behavior of the horse.

The above photo shows a horse in “still point” which is where the horse consciously agrees to the Fascia changes. This is profound change for the horse.

Any rider knows that unpredictable and defensive horses are dangerous to ride and handle. This is why fascia work on your horse regularly will make a huge improvement in your riding and the life quality of your horseThis is not “an extra” for the horse who is working hard jumping, dressage work or other intensive sport riding. Fascia work lengthens careers, maintains fitness and keeps the horse feeling happy. A happy horse is much easier to work with, as all riders know.

When there is a lameness in a leg, it is usually caused by imbalance and strain throught the horse’s entire body. Treating the leg alone will not resolve the lameness in a lasting way. This is why the peicemeal approach to treting injuries does not usually effect lasting improvement of the issue.

We are trained into thinking that spot fixes and pain-killers are solutions. This does not work with horses. Fascia structural integration has saved many unsound horses with pages of diagnostic testing showing “incurable” problems from becoming pasture ornaments. The process requires the horse to live as normally as possible until he returns to natural movement and soundness again. Stalling, ice packs, continual pain medications will slow the natural healing process of injuries in horses. Horses are meant to move continually.

Horses in the wild move about 20 miles per day, or even 50 miles per day, in their normal activity. Ignoring fascia’s vital role in horse soundness brings repeditive treatments that don’t resolve the problems of compensations and  adhesions. Another aspect of fascia is the fact that it carries light for the body. Fascia is actually “light pipes” which hold open space to allow the body’s vibration to hold light. Adhesions and stuck fascia is compressed tissue and prevents movement and slide, as well as closing off the “light pipes” from carrying light. They body loses vibrational health and becomes heavy, rigid and any emotional charge is trapped in the tissue and becomes an “energy cyst.”

All riders are advanced by understanding what fascia health and fitness means to their horse and riding work.

Look at the horses below to see unbalanced, strained and injured horses. Their bodies hurt and they are often irritable, hard to manage and unpredictable. Drugs will not resolve fascia imbalance. Lazer lights might give comfort, but they do not change the fascia tissue. Surgery does not repair fascia strain. Your own two hands can help your horse. 

“I’ve just finished reading your book and first I want to thank you for writing it. I loved it!!! I’ve had Reiki healing for many years, reading your book added so much to me. It was finding the missing piece. I feel more complete, strong and self assured in my bodywork. Also my horses who are used to my hands on have had many and long still points and strong releases. It will be an adventure to follow them in future changes.”  Kia, Sweden